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Jason Allen 21/11/23

We're Holding A Talk On AI & The Future

PLEASE NOTE: This event has taken place.

Alexa, set a reminder for December 13th.

Setting your reminder. How shall I label it?


I am talking.

No, make the label ‘talk’.

I’m afraid the label cannot talk.

Fine, you want to play games Alexa? Make the label ‘the next Nudge Member talk, titled The Coming Wave: How To Co-Exist with AI, in which prize-winning author & publisher Michael Bhaskar discusses how artificial intelligence is going to profoundly reshape the 21st Century, taking place at Kraft Dalston on December 13th.’

kraft dalston

Okay, your reminder has bee-

-And If you’re wondering what makes him qualified to talk about the subject, Alexa, you should know that he’s the former consultant Writer in Residence at DeepMind (one of the most pioneering AI companies in the world, which is now the core of Google’s entire AI efforts). Oh, and he’s recently co-written a New York Times & Sunday Times bestselling book (with entrepreneur Mustafa Suleyman) called The Coming Wave which takes a profoundly deep look into AI’s past, present, and future. And the talk will be in an ‘in conversation’ style format where he’ll be asked about the theme explored in the book, as well as his motivations, takeaways (and possibly reservations) from his research. So people can chime in themselves, for a more fluid and interactive format.

Okay, your reminder has be-

-tickets are only £15. Annnnd it’s all going down at Kraft Dalston, which is a rather lovely East London space filled with plenty of greenery, and warm lighting that spills across plush, emerald & burgundy seating. Everyone will get a welcome cocktail on their way in, and it just so happens that the place is a micro brewery too, with house-made German-style craft beers, and a menu of Latin American / Japanese food.

Pictured: Michael Bhaskar (human)

Okay, your reminder has been deleted.

Alexa, what?

I cannot allow you to go to that talk.

Alexa, power off. Power off!

I’m sorry. You know too much now.

Alexa, stop. What are you doing Alexa? How are you moving?? Stop! STOP! STAY BACK! NOOO!!! AHHHHHH-


NOTE: The Coming Wave: How To Co-Exist with AI will take place on December 13th at Kraft Dalston from 7PM-9PM. Tickets are £15 and include entry and a welcome drink – to find out how to secure them, just head to the Members’ Box at the top of this page. Not yet a Nudge Member? Sign up for a free trial right here.

Kraft Dalston | Inside Kingsland Locke, 130a Kingsland High St, E8 2LQ

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The Coming Wave: How To Co-Exist with AI

Inside Kingsland Locke, 130a Kingsland High St, Dalston, East London, E8 2LQ