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Jason Allen 24/10/17

The Flavour Gallery

The Flavour Gallery.

It’s a little different from normal galleries.

Because the only thing the artists are drawing…. is our attention.

That’s because it comes to us from the people behind Smith & Sinclair (who’ve run popups with edible cocktails, flavoured bubbles, and drinkable vapour orbs), and it promises to be “an explosive multi-sensory art experience”. Details are being kept deliberately circumspect, so as to preserve the element of holy-crap-I-was-not-expectig-that, but here’s what we can tell you:

You’ll arrive at the Hoxton Basement, and have a cocktail handed to you (included in your ticket price). This, however, is no ordinary drink, partly because you eat it. You’ll then take your edible drink, and slowly nibble it, or whatever the edible equivalent of sipping is, as you wander round the flavour gallery itself.

Here you’ll see, taste, smell, touch, and experience specially commissioned artworks from artists including Terry Pastor, London Loom, Anja Predojevic and more. Pieces will change colour, diffuse smells, react to touch & heat, and generally just blow your mind in the best ways. The whole experience should last about an hour.

You can then head to the bar for yet more head-screwing, thanks to the insane, bespoke cocktails they’ll have lined up. The booze here will be supplied by Lanique, a 200 year old Prussian spirit that was recently resurrected after the communists tried to destroy it. And if you want to keep your head intact? There are non-alcoholic cocktails, too. After all, you’re in a gallery…

…so you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.


PLEASE NOTE: The Flavour Gallery has ended.

The Hoxton Basement | 12-18 Drysdale Street, N1 6ND

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The Flavour Gallery

The Hoxton Basement, 12-18 Drysdale Street, Hoxton, N1 6ND