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Jason Allen 23/06/21

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

A new Harry Potter show has come to town.

And it looks like it’ll be here for quite a spell.

Now open in Covent Garden, Warner Bros’ latest dalliance into the world of witchcraft & wizardry is a photographic exhibition exploring behind-the-scenes images from a decade’s worth of classic Potter flicks, all topped off by a genuine bottled butterbeer bar.

The show features hundreds of images, including a great many never-before-seen by Joe Public. And it’s not just Potter-related stuff either, this show pulls from the entire expanded universe, including Fantastic Beasts and cursed children. Of course, after perusing the quaintly non-moving pictures of the muggle world, you then get a chance to create some good ol’ fashioned magic images yourself. You can take a green-screen broomstick ride over London, then create your own personal Ministry of Magic ID card, too.

After that, it’s time to sink a few bottles of butterbeer, at the city’s only dedicated bar of its kind. The place is pretty huge, and includes huge butterbeer barrels recessed into the walls to act as seating, and a gigantic copper brewing tank that’s been sliced in half. There’s souvenir tankards, bottles designed by MinaLima, and exclusive label designs. The stuff is all brewed to a secret recipe, although just to be clear, none of the ingredients is alcohol. And one of them is probably butterscotch.

Tickets are bookable now, and include access to everything. Per adult, they cost twenty…

…quid each.


NOTE: Tickets for the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition are on sale now (£20 per adult) and you can get them right HERE.

London Film Museum | 45 Wellington Street, WC2E 7BN

What is this wizardry? Oh, just a complete Harry Potter guide to London...

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

45 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 7BN