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Jason Allen 09/01/24

JOMO Club x The Nudge

JOMO Club, named for the Joy Of Missing Out, have something to offer you.

And you don’t want to miss out on it.

Because as an award-winning, UK-based alcohol-free subscription box service, they’re offering Nudge Members something that will treat your liver while whispering sweet nothings to your wallet: 50% off any subscription box and a free gift for 3 months (9th January to 9th April).


So, in the words of Brad Pitt, what’s in the box? Well, the first week of each month you’ll get a case packed with a full sized bottle of zero-proof spirit, a whole medley of different mixers & garnishes, a couple of bonus bottles of ready-to-drink af numbers, some snacks, a members magazine, and a cocktail-of-the-month recipe card too.

They’re tailored for anyone hoping to cut down a little on the booze, perhaps take Dry January for a spin, be more mindful, health conscious, or just happen to be pregnant – in fact there’s even a ‘mum to be’ box, alongside cocktail bundles, low-sugar kits, espresso martini boxes, cases of bubbles, and more, of you fancy them in addition to/instead of a subscription.


And if there’s something you really love in one of the boxes? You can get a fresh supply from their online bottle shop, which stocks all of their previous orders.

You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you.


NOTE: You can find out more about JOMO Club at their website right here. Nudge Members are getting 50% off any subscription box and a free gift from 9th January to 9th April. To find out how to secure this Perk, just check the Members Box at the top of this page.

Not yet a Member? Start a free trial here

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