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Hattie Lloyd 24/03/20

Learn To Cook Pasta With An 84 Year Old Nonna

Cook Pasta With Nonna Nerina | Livestream Cookery Classes

Usually, you can make pasta just with flour, eggs, and water.

But sometimes, it helps to make it with an 84 year old grandma, too.

Nonna Nerina is the quintessential Italian nonna – a warm-hearted grandmother who has an instinctive, masterful knack for home cooking (and storytelling). She’s been running pasta-making classes in Italy with her granddaughter Chiara for the past three years now, with travellers flocking to their family home near Rome.

The secret to their success? Not just the food – although it is, by all accounts, delicious, drawing on time-honoured techniques and recipes that have been passed down through their family for over a century. It’s la Nonna’s infectious spirit, her unique stories and her warmth that infuses every part of the class. Since launching these workshops through AirBnb experiences, they’ve grown a network of ‘pasta grannies’ across Italy – and now, Nonna Nerina is even hosting her classes online.

Nonna Nerina online

Of course, there are lots of online cooking classes cropping up as people adapt to life in isolation. But Nonna Nerina’s is really professionally set up – you’ll choose a date and time that suits you (so, any date, any time right now), and they’ll send you a list of ingredients to source before your tutorial, as well as wine pairing ideas and playlist suggestions to set the scene. Then, on the day of your class, you’ll be able to tune in to a two hour livestream hosted by Nonna Nerina and Chiara, and learn three different handmade pasta recipes.

This way, they’re hoping to continue sharing Nonna’s warmth and wisdom at a time when everyone needs to feel connected most (particularly poignant, since Italy has been operating on lockdown for so much longer than the UK). And if anything can make you feel better, it’s a healthy dose of grandma’s home cooking.


NOTE: Pasta con Nonna Nerina classes are running now, and cost $50 for a two hour class. You can find out more, and book a live lesson, HERE.

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