The Duke's Head


Jason Allen 09/07/22

The Best Pubs in Putney

Ahhh, Putney. It’s home to some of the best pubs in Putney. 

It’s also the stomping ground of London’s ‘bloody good bloke’ set, and one of those actually-very-close-to-central-London neighbourhoods that somehow nevertheless manages to give off a vibe of ‘being a village in the heart of the rural countryside’. Somewhere well-to-do, with a countrified air? It’s no surprise that Putney does pubs very, very well. So dust off your red trousers (or leave the dust on mate, who bloody cares) and head south of the river for a pint…


Duke’s Head

Duke's Head Putney

It’s possible that the most quintessential of Putney behaviours is ‘standing in the pub watching the boat race’. And there’s no better place to do that than the Duke’s Head. Big, grand, Victorian grade II listed – and that’s just the regulars! Ah, we have fun. And, once you’ve raised a crisp pint to celebrate/commiserate the nautical accomplishments of your elite University of choice, check out The Rowing Club, the pub’s downstairs cocktail hideaway, for something a little stronger…

Details: 8 Lower Richmond Rd., SW15 1JN. 020 8788 2552

The Spencer

The Spencer Putney

Smack bang on Putney Common, The Spencer is a beloved free house that has been keeping Putney residents fed and watered for centuries. Known for its prime outdoor seating, the Benches, which make the pub a go-to destination for a sunny evening drink. Outrageous life-hack: these are actually owned by the Council, meaning you can legitimately BYOB(!). What’s more, the local pizza joints happily deliver to the benches. What we’re saying is, go and sit on these benches. (But also, crucially, patronise The Spencer. It’s a great pub).

Details: 237 Lower Richmond Road, SW15 1HJ. 020 8788 0640

The Half Moon

The Half Moon Putney

It’s a pub. It’s a music venue. It’s a comedy venue! It’s, frankly, an institution. The Half Moon has been hosting events on its stages since the 1960s. It’s exactly the right level of relaxed-but-buzzy – a pub that’s genuinely fun, as opposed to a (god forbid) “fun pub”. Music-wise you never know which ascendent rockstars might be coming through – The Who and The Rolling Stones both (allegedly) played there before they got big – whilst for comedy, the regular Gits & Shiggles gig is one of the most reliable comedy nights in London.

Details: 93 Lower Richmond Road, SW15 1EU. 020 8780 9383

The Jolly Gardeners

The Jolly Gardners Putney

It’s possible that the second most quintessentially of Putney behaviours is ‘standing in the pub watching the rugby’ – and for that, you’ll want to be propping up the bar at the Jolly Gardeners. Inside, you’ll inevitably end up chatting to the locals – likely to be jolly people who have gardeners – and before long end up sucked into an affable rounds system you’ll be unable to escape. A joyful way to lose an afternoon.

Details: 61-63 Lacy Rd, SW15 1NT. 020 8789 2539

The Coat & Badge

Coat & Badge Putney

It’s lively, it’s frequently rammed, it’s got a courtyard with a giant screen on that’s very likely to be showing the game, whatever ‘the game’ happens to be that week. Basically, if you’re up for it, so is The Coat & Badge. As well as cold and inviting pints, the pub specialises filthy burgers (of course it does) which are, ingeniously, the perfect accompaniment to both a drink and a hangover…

Details: 8 Lacy Rd, SW15 1NL. 020 8788 4900

The Temperance

The Temperance Putney

Sure, the classical definition of ‘temperance’ might be ‘abstinence from alcoholic drink’ and not ‘absolutely massive Putney pub’, but who’s counting. If you want to watch live sport, this is where you go. It’s got approximately 200 TV screens, it’s got pool tables, and it’s got an artisan wood-fired pizza menu, because hey – this is Putney, remember. Although if we’re going to be strict about it, then it’s in Fulham. But it’s within sight of Putney Bridge, so we’re qualifying it. 

Details: 90 Fulham High Street, SW6 3LF. 0207 384 3573

The Cat’s Back

Cat's Back Putney

Fancy a quick pint in an old-fashioned pub by the river? Of course you do. You are but human. Luckily, The Cat’s Back has got your back. It’s a lovely big Edwardian pub with an equally inviting upstairs snug and outdoor terrace, that’s perpetually begging to be nipped into for a post-work (or even that most sacred of things; the lesser-spotted, mid-work, lunchtime) pint, or possibly two…

Details: 86-88, Point Pleasant, SW18 1PP. 020 3441 2232

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