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Beaver Lodge

NOTE: Beaver Lodge is now closed.

Wild beavers were recently found in the UK for the first time in over 500 years. Which is a fact that clearly proves – in an unprecedented display of devout scientific acuity – two things:

1) That beavers are the kings of hide and seek, and

2) That Chelsea’s new late night mountain cabin / dance saloon, Beaver Lodge, is a timely addition to London’s nightlife scene.

A Wyoming wood cabin filled top to toe with cowboy memorabilia, antler-horned hanging lamps, horse saddle bar seats and lots of people who could be in Made In Chelsea but probably aren’t, it consists of two rooms:

The Log Cabin – Which is where you’ll find an array of traditional wines and beers served alongside sharing cocktails like The Canoe (for 10 people, and served with its own accompanying musical score), The Wheel (a spinning wagon wheel laden with picklebacks) and The Beaver (delivered by someone dressed as, well, a beaver).

The Saloon – Which is where DJs shack up all night next to a bourbon bar serving up boilermakers, traditional Wyoming beers like Sierra Nevada and Samuel Adams, and sweet milk n’ whisky hardshakes.

Also, if you’d like to take home a permanent memory of you wearing a cowboy hat while drinking out of a giant fake canoe, then you can – at no cost at all – step inside a large, walk-in, vintage selfie machine known as a “photo booth”.

It’s like a camera phone, only bigger.


NOTE: Beaver Lodge is now closed.

Beaver Lodge | 266 Fulham Road, SW10 9EL

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Beaver Lodge

266 Fulham Road, Chelsea, West London, SW10 9EL