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Jason Allen 17/03/17


NOTE: In the ultimate curveball, this restaurant has now closed.

A couple of Balham restauranteurs want to put their balls in your mouth.

Because, in an idea that surely, definitely, absolutely started over a few beers, they’re serving only food that’s spherical. What, precisely, does that mean for the menu? Well, you can expect:

Charcoal fired skewers with South East Asian chicken topped by a nuoc cham glaze & toasted sesame seeds; some beetroot & tahini balls with avocado & lime crema on quinoa with pomegranate seeds and basil; lamb balls with hot harissa; prawn balls; spaghetti and meatballs; potato rosti balls; croquette balls; and more…

No doubt, it’s a pretty baller idea.

NOTE: This restaurant has now closed.


Curveball | Hildreth Street, Balham, SW12

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16 Hildreth Street, Balham, South London, SW12

7.9 | Good