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Food Ink | 3D Printed Restaurant

NOTE: Sorry, this restaurant has now run out of ink.


We’re used to them giving us jam.

But now, apparently, they’re printing entire menus. And a new popup restaurant is hitting London that serves literally only 3D printed food. It’s called Food Ink, and it’ll be heading to Shoreditch for three days at the end of this month. Here’s the skinny:

Set in a small, all-white space just off Commercial Road, everything in the restaurant – from the furniture, to the cutlery, to the light fittings – will be 3D printed. During the day, people are invited to wander in and try 3D printed snacks, while in the evenings the nine-course dinner menu (designed by an ex El Bulli chef) will involve mysterious sounding toner-free delights like Air Caviar, Fish and Chips, Steak TARTRIS, Love Bites, and 3D Boscana.

To add to the overall insane futurism of the whole enterprise, they’ll also throwing in “virtual reality headsets, wall-to-wall visual projections, and AI-composed music”.

Because why not.

NOTE: Food Ink is open from July 25-27. For dinner reservations, please email [email protected]. And if you can’t get a table, don’t worry – the event will be live streamed from their site.

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Food Ink

8 Dray Walk, Shoreditch, East London, E1 6NJ