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Hattie Lloyd 04/09/19

Le Gavroche

NOTE: After almost six decades of service, Le Gavroche finally closed in January 2024.

It’s often good to start a restaurant article by listing its accolades.

Unfortunately we only have a couple of hundred words here, so in the case of Le Gavroche in Mayfair, we’ll have to summarise by simply pointing out that it was the first UK restaurant to earn a Michelin Star. And the first UK restaurant to earn two Michelin stars. And the first UK restaurant to earn three Michelin Stars.

Opening in 1967 (in a launch attended by Charlie Chaplin & Robert Redford), it was the founding restaurant of the now legendary Roux empire, and the joint is currently run by Michel Roux Jr., who took over after his father (and decided to keep it more casual, accessible, and less expensive, downgrading to a mere two stars). The place has the elegant white tablecloth kind of look you’d expect, but it’s the food you’re here for. So let’s tuck in:


Smoked duck consommé, curried king crab salad and marinated VAR salmon with lemon and vodka jelly. Not a prawn cocktail in sight.

Poissons et Viandes

The well-rounded meat and fish menu ranges from sautéed lobster with a lemongrass and coconut infused lobster jus, to a roast saddle of rabbit with crispy potatoes and parmesan, often putting diners directly between a rock and a hard place (if the rock was grilled Dover sole and the hard place was Cumbrian Rose veal).

Fromages et Desserts

An Omelette Rothschild (apricot and Cointreau soufflé) and a strawberry shortbread greet you from the dessert menu. And we have no qualms in assuming that the selection of French and British farmhouse cheeses will be some of the best available to anyone this side of royalty.

Les Vins

The sommelier here was honoured as a Master of Culinary Arts for Restaurant Management and Service. You probably didn’t know that was a thing until just this moment, but are nevertheless still suitably convinced that it means they’ll be able to match a stellar bottle from the predominantly French lineup to whatever you order.

And you would be right.


NOTE: Le Gavroche has closed.

Le Gavroche | 43 Upper Brook Street, W1K 7QR

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Le Gavroche

43 Upper Brook Street, Mayfair, Central London, W1K 7QR

020 7408 0881

9.0 | Amazing