Leila Devito 17/10/22

The Aubrey Team Are Bringing Mott 32 To London

Guess what’s coming to London town?

It’s not Santa Claus (although he will be, if you’ve been good). It’s Mott 32, one of the world’s leading Chinese restaurants. And it’s coming for us all: the good, the bad, and most importantly, the hungry.

The sleekest creation of the Maximal Concepts restaurant group, also responsible for some very irresponsible and hedonistic cocktails – and delicious food obviously – at The Aubrey at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Mott 32 will serve authentic Chinese dishes elevated to…well, a whole new level.

Named after the address in New York where the city’s first Chinese supermarket opened back in 1891 – the surrounding area of which has become one of the best ‘Chinatowns’ in the world – there’s now a Mott 32 restaurant in the likes of Hong Kong, Vegas, Singapore, Bangkok, and soon our own beloved capital.

Mott 32 Hong Kong

Mott 32 Hong Kong

So what’s so exciting about it? London is already spoiled for choice when it comes to incredible Chinese food, right?

Right. It’s hard to stand out amongst the many amazing Chinese restaurants in London. However, it’s even harder to stand out as a Chinese restaurant in Asia. And Mott 32 has consistently been voted one of Asia’s Top 100 restaurants, as well as being awarded Best Chinese Restaurant in many of its other locations around the world.

So it’s got the goods, people. And speaking of goods, the word on the street is that you won’t have eaten 100% authentic Chinese in London until you’ve tucked in at Mott 32. And it all comes down to ingredients. For example, authentic sweet and sour sauce is made from a very specific vinegar from a very specific mountain in a particular region of China. You could say this vinegar is the essence of sweet and sour sauce, and there’s no substitute for it that even comes close. Well, Mott 32 actually goes to that mountain and sources the vinegar. You can’t get to the mountain? Mott 32 will bring the mountain to you.

And as for where it’ll be? Well, the only thing we know for sure is that the rents in Mayfair are too high for them. So, expect it to be somewhere in Central London.

Just not Mayfair.


NOTE: The opening date and location of Mott 32 is yet to be released. We’ll keep an eye on things for you, and be back later with more information. In the meantime, you can check out their website right here.

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