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Jason Allen 15/12/22

The Telegraph Wine Cellar

The Telegraph Wine Cellar | Partner Content

Looking for a good wine seller?

Check out The Telegraph Wine Cellar.

It’s a new wine club that offers the kind of impressive array of benefits that you’ll want to raise a glass to. It’s pretty simple – you join the club for an extremely small fee (just £3.99 per month with a month’s free trial to start you off, or £35.99 for a year’s access) and in exchange you get, well, quite a lot as it turns out.

For one, you’ll have access to the Telegraph’s expert recommendations from their trio of wine experts, who handpick a carefully selected range of restaurant wines for you to pluck from. And then they’ll give you exclusive member prices (up to 15% off) on those wines. Plus unlimited free delivery. And £10 off your first order. And like the very best clubs, there’s no obligation to buy on a regular basis or anything – just pop onto the site when you see the rack becoming a little too bare, and replenish it by the bottle or the case.

If you get more than a couple of bottles a month you’ll already be saving money, but it’s not all about the economics. It’s also about the curation from those wine pros – Victoria Moore, Susy Atkins, and Hamish Anderson – who between them have won more awards, written more books, and made more appearances on TV shows than we can list here. They not only pick the best restaurant-quality bottles, but also provide endless inspiration, tips, guides, and more.

As recommendations go…

…we heartily recommend them.


NOTE: You can become a member of The Telegraph Wine Cellar (with a month’s free trial, plus £10 off your first order) at the website right here.

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