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Jason Allen 05/02/18


NOTE: Tresca! has sadly now shut. There is no justice in the world.

Yes, a trio of teenagers have opened a restaurant.

Let’s hope they’ve done their homework.

It’s a pizza place in Wandsworth , and it’s officially made them the UK’s youngest restauranteurs. They are the gloriously named Rob Power who’s 18, Giacomo Skeate (another 18yo), and Dan Catino who, at 19, only has a few months left on the teenage bandwagon after which – we’re forced to assume – his business partners will quietly take him out back.

The restaurant in question is a pizzeria called Tresca! (yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name) and the trio opened it late last year in Wandsworth, motivated to demonstrate that they’re “not snowflakes”, and that they “have the backbone to start a business”.

The menu is put together by head chef Dan Catino, who’s amassed a few years of experience working in the kitchens of his father’s restaurant (Il Pagliaccio in Fulham) since the age of 11 – so it’s actually looking pretty damn good. They keep things thankfully simple, with canonical pizzeria numbers like chilli-infused Americana’s and olive-laden La Regina’s, along with originals like their “Tre Idioti”, with pepperoni, ham, and mushroom.

They’re also serving up the relatively rare (in fact, they’re claiming that they’re exclusively serving them in the UK) tasca sandwiches; made with a special type of focaccia, and loaded with the likes of baby octopus, fried aubergine, meatballs, etc.

Go try one. After all, you’re not getting any younger.

NOTE: Tresca! has now closed.


Tresca! | 220 York Road, SW11 3SD

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220 York Road, Wandsworth, SW11 3SD

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