Neil Frame 07/01/19

Basement Sate

Today we’d like to put our extraordinary influence to good use by inventing National Simile Day.

Participants get a point for every simile they come up with.

We’ll start:

Basement Sate, a new bar dedicated to cocktails and desserts, is like a theme park where all of the rides have been removed except for the two most dangerous ones.

That’s 1-0 to us.

The first of its kind in London, this is exactly the place to go the next time you feel that all-too-familiar desire to lounge in a dimly-lit, dark wood-panelled subterranean hideout in Soho listening to music by cutting edge DJs, drinking salted caramel cocktails and eating desserts perfectly designed to complement them.

Basement Sate

On the cocktail menu you’ll find twelve concoctions assembled by Byly Tran of L’Entree Des Artistes (plus a whole gin & tonic menu), which include a gin, carrot juice, and elderflower blend called the Jessica Rabbit; and the Bittersweet, which mixes rye whisky with sherry & Amaro. And for dessert you have a choice of ex-Maze pastry chef Dorian Picard’s seven finest creations: from the Smoked Chocolate Cigar made with chocolate whisky mousse & hazelnut praline; to the Fallen Sicilian, made with fried Italian pastry, ricotta cream, pistachio ice cream, and candied orange peel that’s as sweet as something that’s been candied…

… yeah, this isn’t fun.

National Simile Day’s cancelled.



NOTE: Basement Sate is open Tuesday – Saturday (6pm – 1.30am), and Sunday – Monday (6pm – midnight). You can make a reservation either by heading HERE.

Basement Sate | 8 Broadwick Street, W1F 8HN

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Basement Sate

8 Broadwick Street, Soho, Central London, W1F 8HN

020 7287 3412

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