Jason Allen 25/01/24

Farm Shop

There’s a rustic farm shop in a quiet corner of Mayfair with a candlelit wine bar hidden underneath it…

…meaning that above you find the things that sustain life, and below you find the things that make life worth sustaining.

In a stroke of wonderful literalism it’s simply called ‘Farm Shop’, and they’ve parked on a corner just off Park Lane with a view of Hyde Park itself down the street. Walk inside, and you’ll find exactly what you’d expect: a trove of organic produce, much of which is from their own estate in Somerset, including fresh fruit & veg, meat, cheese, cider from their orchard, and indeed wine from their vineyard.

Farm Shop

Speaking of which, at the back of the shop you’ll see a staircase leading underground, with the sound of mellow music pulling you in. This is the wine bar, and there are no bookings, so just head on down. Inside you’ll find a quite beautiful little space bathed in the soft orange glow of the stout candles clustered on the tables, with still life artworks from Royal Drawing School students dotted about the walls. The vibe is very much in keeping with the shop upstairs (and indeed the farm a hundred miles away) with wooden furnishings, dangling charcuterie, scattered gourds, and shelves absolutely loaded with booze. In fact, there’s glass-doored cellar at the back where you can see gallons on the stuff on display.

Farm Shop

Thus, the wine list is pretty sizeable. We’re talking 200-ish bottles, covering pretty much every palate & price point that you can throw at them (glasses start at less than a fiver) and there are bottles from the big guns of the wine world, as well as some of the more underrated regions like Switzerland & Austria. And indeed Somerset. Helping to add a little ballast, there are some charcuterie & cheese boards that have been properly heaped with food, too.

All told, it makes for a vintage date place.


NOTE: The wine bar at Farm Shop is open now (Monday – Saturday: 12pm -10pm and Sundays: 12pm – 4pm). There are no reservations. You can find out more at their website right here.

Farm Shop | 64 South Audley Street, W1K 2QT

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Farm Shop

64 South Audley Street, Mayfair, Central London, W1K 2QT

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