Jason Allen 15/12/23

Ghost Whale

A craft beer bar & bottle shop called Ghost Whale?

Looks like they’re getting two different species sheet-faced.

You’ll find the place in Brixton, which is their flagship location (they have another in Putney). It’s a hop and a skip away from the market, and inside it’s a a sea of wood & white tile. A series of sleek, illuminated refrigerators line the walls, their glass doors revealing an impressive collection of barley pops within, all centred around a communal table, with a small bar at the back. And in the warmer weather, they even open up a small beer garden, too.

Pop in on any given day, and you can settle in for a pour from one of the half-dozen, ever-rotating taps at that bar. (And, to be clear, the choice of beers rotates. Not the taps themselves.) There;’s always a range os styles available, and you can get a put to take home too, in one of their 2-litre growlers. Those fridges hold over 500 different types of beer, so you’d have to be reeeeally picky not to find something you like.

And they hold regular events & tastings too – so If you like beer…

…this place is your spirit animal.

NOTE: Ghost Whale is open now daily. You can find out more at their website right here.

Ghost Whale | 70 Atlantic Rd, London SW9 8PX

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Ghost Whale

70 Atlantic Rd, Brixton, South London, SW9 8PX

8.0 | Great