Lego Bar Comes To London | A Bar Made From One Million Lego Bricks

The Brick Bar London

One Million Bricks

The Brick Bar | London’s Lego Bar

There’s a Lego-themed pop up bar coming to London.

The competition are bricking it.

And they should be, because for one, the place is going to be literally MADE FROM A MILLION BRICKS. It’s going to be popping up in a secret Shoreditch location (which makes for a nice change) for just three nights early next year, and tickets are available now – get ’em HERE while you can.

Each ticket gets you 90mins at the bar, during which time you can eat, drink, and make merry creations with the thousands of loosely assorted bricks scattered about the place. There’ll be brick-studded walls for you to build on, and huge Lego sculptures scattered around. There’ll even be prizes for people who build anything particularly cool. Added to that there’s going to be a pong pong table made from around 22,500 bricks, plus a DJ booth for a local spin-smith to do his/her thing on.

Drinks will include a short-but-sweet lineup of beers & wines, as well as a few cocktails. The recent Melbourne Brick Bar (which is where these pictures are from) was putting out Espresso Martinis, pink gin & tonics, and passionfruit daiquiris, so it’s likely that they’ll have something similar here.

In terms of food, you can expect to get a square meal courtesy of their colourful Brick Burgers made in the shape of an actual Lego brick. They come stuffed with either with a square-cut Wagyu beef patty, some slow-braised chipotle pork shoulder, or a roasted Portobello mushroom. So, however bad your hangover is, the next day you really can say that you’re shitting bricks.

The whole enterprise is, unsurprisingly, completely unaffiliated with Lego themselves, which is not really a shocker given the family-friendly nature of the company. But let’s face it, this kind of thing was inevitable. After all…

…if you build it, they will come.

NOTE: The Brick Bar is popping up for three days, from Friday April 26th – Sunday April 28th 2019. Tickets cost £25-£30 and are available right HERE.

The Brick Bar | A Secret Shoreditch Location

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One Million Bricks

A Secret Location , Shoreditch,


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