Jason Allen 27/10/22

West London Might Just Get Next Year's Biggest Restaurant Opening

Gloria was glorious.

Circolo Popolare was popular.

And Ave Mario was …mario-vellous? Mario-gnficent? Uh, really fun.

And now, the Big Mamma Group have dropped the deets on their newest, biggest, most extra, maximalist, over-the-top restaurant. It’s going to be called ‘Jacuzzi’ and it’s going housed in a former bank on Kensington High Street. It’ll be their first intrepid foray into West London (and likely not their last), and it sounds it’s going to channel the kind of casual opulence that’s usually reserved for either laughably implausible fiction or the imminent collapse of a decadent empire.

To whit: Jacuzzi itself will open into a restaurant space with “alabaster walls and a gigantic limone tree that has spread its canopy across the stucco ceiling”. From there, you can make your way up their sweeping staircase to the botanical mezzanine, where a retractable glass ceiling will pull back and let a few lucky rays of sunshine in to get their own taste of the luxury. Above that, there’s the boudoir (“a plush green space bedecked with murals to Italo fashion greats”). And underpinning it all is the vault to that bank, which they’ve covered in mirrored segments a la a giant disco ball, and transformed into a toilet.

The food, as you might expect, will follow suit. Fresh out of the TikTok oven you’ll find pasta served in a 4kg wheel of pecorino cheese decorated with fresh black truffle & parmigiano foam; a risotto loaded with half a lobster, dozens of clams, plus guard & cuttlefish; a pizetta covered in Venetian caviar; and a Cioccolato Fondue made with half a kilogram of Grand Cru dark Valrhona chocolate.

It’s not exactly subtle. But then, this is what the Big Mamma Group do.

They do big.


NOTE: Jacuzzi is set to open in January 2023. We’ll be back to update when we know more. In the meantime, you can check out their very big website right HERE.

Big Mamma Group Kensington High Street | 92 Kensington High St, W8 4SH

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92 Kensington High St, Kensington, West London, W8 4SH

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