Hattie Lloyd 04/09/20

Oslo Court

Oslo Court | Brilliantly Kitsch & Retro French Restaurant

Old people: the original hipsters.

They started – and in the ultimate display of cultural defiance through the psychedelic 60’s; far out 70’s; big hair 80’s; and baggy jeaned 90’s, still have – moustaches, white hair, cigarettes, suspenders, vintage cameras. And nonchalance.

When they find something that works, they stick with it. And it’s for this reason that they should be trusted, especially in regards to Oslo Court.

Not only is it filled with achingly cool retirees, Oslo Court itself is similarly stuck in 1980. And that’s good. Especially when you’re in the mood for heavily draped salmon pink table cloths and curtains; waiters scrambling to be the first to sing adjacent tables their ‘happy birthdays’; large portions of rich, crème-lavished French food; and being able to tell your friends what they can expect when dining in what is absolutely, without a doubt, one of London’s most legendary culinary institutions.

That description will probably go a little something like this:

After walking the suburban side streets of St John’s Wood, you’ll stumble upon an anonymous-looking tower block of flats. They house old people; you’re getting close. Then walk to reception, pass through the cloak room and take your seat, gleefully chaperoned, among a plethora of regulars in Oslo Court’s frilled and frothy dining room.

Food will come in unfashionably large portions, with hearty French sauces, cream, brandy, salt, brown sugar and full fat butter. Things like Crab à la Rochelle wrapped in puff pastry and drizzled with gravy. Melon with parma ham. A vegetarian menu that extends, begrudgingly, to three items. The dessert waiter, who has worked at Oslo for more than three decades will then saunter up, regardless of your request, with one sole objective: getting you fat.

Disdain for societal notions of ‘beauty’; so hipster.


NOTE: Oslo Court is open Monday – Saturday, 12.30pm – 2.30pm & 7pm – 11pm. You can find out more, and make a booking, HERE.

Oslo Court | Prince Albert Road, St John’s Wood, London NW8 7EN

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Oslo Court

Prince Albert Road, St John's Wood, NW8 7EN

020 7722 8795

7.5 | Good