Fancy a DIY grill restaurant from one of the best dining groups in the country?

Looks like Parrillan has arrived right on ‘cue.

You’ll find it in the Coal Drops Yard, up on the upper level next to the vaunted Barrafina (who run the whole operation). Here it occupies a large, covered, al fresco rooftop terrace poking its nose out over the sleek-looking King’s Cross development like the bow of a huge ship – and unlike the counter-only dining of Barrafina, it’s filled with dozens of actual tables & chairs. But that’s not the biggest difference. No, that title is reserved for the simple fact that here at Parrillan, you cook your own food.

Hang on”, we hear you chime, “isn’t the skilled culinary nous of executive chef Angel Zapata Martin precisely what you’d go to Barrafina for?”. And yes, you’d be right. But you’ll be in equally safe hands here – he and the team are preparing delicately seasoned cuts of meat, fish and veg to be delivered to your table along with freshly prepared sauces and a personal grill (or parrilla) to scorch it all on, precisely to your own liking.

Parrillan al fresco

Here’s the gist: after taking your seat, a member of the wait staff will head to the charcoal oven sitting innocuously in the corner of the outdoor space and fill your portable parrillan with white-hot coals. They’ll then wheel it over to your table, plonk it in the centre, and explain exactly how long they recommend you sear each of the various things you’ve ordered. Of course, it’s all up to you, but it never hurts to have a little guidance.

And just what are those delicious menu items? Well, they’ve got 50-day aged beef picanha; some incredibly tender Pluma Iberica pork; as many sizeable bright red prawns as you’d like; a selection of grill-friendly vegetables (asparagus, tender stem broccoli, spring onions, etc); and more. You’ll get a quartet of sauces, including mojo verde, mojo rojo, romanesco, and salsa ibizenca. Trust us, they’re all delicious.


There are also para picar bites to start like salmorejo (it’s a little like gazpacho), escalivada with roasted aubergines and peppers, Presa Iberica ham, and a DIY pan con tomate – as well as plenty of cheese, desserts, and a roster of fine sherries and wines by the glass.

And speaking of hydration, they also have a sizeable g&t menu as well as plenty of cocktails, all of which are available by the glass or jug. Expect numbers blending sherry, apple juice, and plum liqueur (the Cojunudo); something with gin, raspberry soda, cucumber, and rosemary (the Fruitilla), and more.

Just don’t enjoy them too much, or you’ll end up in someone’s grill.


NOTE: Parrillan is taking outdoor bookings now – you can find out more HERE.

Parrillan | Coal Drops Yard, Bagley Walk, N1C 4AB

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Coal Drops Yard, Bagley Walk, King's Cross, N1C 4AB
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