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The Coal Shed

The Coal Shed | Coal Roasted Meat And South Coast Seafood

Where do The Coal Shed get all their fuel?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But one thing’s for sure – they use the stuff to perfectly scorch virtually everything on their menu. Building their concept from the elemental culinary building blocks of “meat, fish, and fire”, TCS landed their first restaurant in Brighton, using the ground to test, refine, and perfect their dishes before setting up their ambitious sophomore in Tower Bridge.

This two-floor followup has a rigid framework of meal and right angles softened by wooden floors & green marble tabletops that keep it from straying entirely into industrial territory. Downstairs there’s the long bar (which we’ll get to in a moment), for a pre-dinner cocktail, and a chance to peruse either the daily/hourly changing blackboard or simply,


The goods here are primarily British, and like any good British institution, it steals the best touches it can find from the rest of the planet without ever being overwhelmed by them; starters like their smoked beef short rib come with a slug of green chilli and Korean gochujang, while the chalk stream trout is scorched with a little Mexican pineapple mole.

The Coal Shed

Going larger, both the steaks and the fish come in all shapes and weights, persistently updated on the blackboard, or you can simply spring for a Moroccan spiced goat; a smoked black leg of chicken with yellow curry; or a whole lemon sole with spiced butter & brown shrimp. Of course, all of this will require some of,


Returning to that marble-topped bar, you can find half a dozen gin & tonics; a slew of house cocktails (the Lion Tamer mixes bourbon and charred lemon); a list of literally 100+ wines; and a martini menu. And if you don’t want to return to the marble-topped bar? The cocktail trolley will come and find you to deliver a BBQ Sazerac with rye, absinthe, and bone marrow.

So prepare to get trolleyed.


NOTE: The Coal Shed is open daily for lunch & dinner. You can find out more, and book a table at their website right HERE.

The Coal Shed | One Tower Bridge, SE1 2SE

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The Coal Shed

One Tower Bridge, 4 Crown Square, London Bridge, South London, SE1 2SE

020 3384 7272

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