Red Palace | Immersive Theatre Show In Waterloo

Red Palace

Red Palace

Red Palace | Immersive Theatre In Waterloo

Ever wondered what would happen if you got drunk with a bunch of fairytale characters?

If so, you’re

A) Pretty weird, and

B) Massively in luck, because the all-female performance collective Shotgun Carousel – creators of Dionysian banquet show Divine Proportions – is back this autumn with a brand new show, Red Palace, which will allow you to do exactly that.

Your evening will split into two parts: 1) A Venetian inspired gothic masquerade ball and, at an additional cost, 2) A dining experience executed by Masterchef semi-finalist Annie Mckenzie. So throw on your best masquerade mask, a DJ and / or a ball gown and follow us into the underground maze that is The Vaults….

The story here centres around a prince who’s throwing an annual ball for his fairytale guests – but not as you know them. Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Wolf will all be there, but in a distorted, Hans Christian Anderson-esque context. Think Brothers Grimm. There’s promise of a bathhouse complete with seductive sirens attempting to lure drunken party-goers (like you) to their death, while an array of characters will generally escort you through the bustling castle via dancers, jesters, contortionists and flying ballerinas – all to the sound of a very talented ghost orchestra.

It’s scary how good they are.

NOTE: Red Palace runs from 24th September – 12th January at the Vaults in Waterloo for more information click here.

Red Palace | The Vaults, Leake street, Lambeth, SE1 7NN

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Red Palace

The Vaults, Leake street, South London, South London, SE1 7NN


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