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Jason Allen 22/10/22

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Given Wes Anderson’s love of symmetry, he’d probably be delighted if we gave this new pop up exhibition 5/10.

Unfortunately for him, it’s looking like it’ll be a little better than that.

It’s called Accidentally Wes Anderson, and it’s named after the now very famous Instagram account of the same name, which collects scenes from around the world of pleasing, pastel-coloured equilibrium that look like they’ve been ripped out of a Wes Anderson movie. (For those who don’t know Wes Anderson’s work, please go and watch The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Express, and The French Dispatch. We’ll wait.)

Grand Budapest Hotel

Well, the creator of said Insta account has put together a series of postcards, all featuring his quintessentially pleasing, soft-hued & perfectly balanced images, so they’re taking up residence in the One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel for a 17-day pop up show to promote them.

Not only will you be able to see a whole bunch of limited ed prints, but they’re also setting up some fully realised 3D recreations of the postcards that you’re invited to explore. Which sounds exciting.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

And there are a couple of kickers, too: first, they’ll be giving one of their hotel rooms a Wes Anderson style makeover. Second, they’ll be inviting in Wally Koval (the curator of the Insta account that accidentally started it all) for a Q&A.

If you end up having fun, it won’t be an accident.


NOTE: Accidentally Wes Anderson is hitting One Hundred Shoreditch from October 25th – November 13th 2022. There are no tickets, and it’s completely free. You can find out more at the website right here

OTHER NOTE: They had previously planned to host a themed roof party, too, but it seems this has been cancelled…

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Accidentally Wes Anderson

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