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Talisa Dean 29/09/19

London Fields Lido

London Fields Lido is a 50m long, Olympic-size, heated (25 degrees baby) outdoor pool in – you guessed it – London Fields.

In fact, it’s the only one of its kind in the city. And because of that, it gets roughly a quarter of a million swimmers baptising themselves in it annually. Which is especially impressive when you consider that just a few years ago (before its refurbishment in 2006) it was completely empty. Well, apart from the squatters who held occasional raves in it. Now, thanks to the heating and the floodlights, you can head down there for a dip all year round, whatever the weather. And they’ve got regular midnight swims, lessons, sun loungers, and frequent events too.

If you fancy recharging any calories you may accidentally lose while exercising, there’s the Hoxton Beach Cafe sitting poolside. It’s a bakery & Lebanese restaurant offering what they humbly describe as “the best falafel in London” as well as sourdough baguettes, poppyseed loaves, brownies, croissants, and more. Oh, and booze too.

Such has been the success of the re-opened, refurbished pool, that plans are now in place to build an additional training pool, weighing in at a cool £4.5m. It’ll be smaller than the original lido, but the plan is for it to free up space for more experienced swimmers.

Because in short, a dip here is a high point.


NOTE: London Fields Lido is open now, all year around. Tickets cost around £5, and booking is essential. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE.

London Fields Lido | London Fields West Side, E8 3EU

Main image: Teach A Girl To Swim/Flickr

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London Fields Lido

London Fields West Side, London Fields, E8 3EU