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Jason Allen 29/05/19

The London Pizza Festival

London Pizza Festival | It Delivers

Last year’s London Pizza Festival was pretty spectacular.

But, like any good pizza, they’re aiming to top it.

So the people at Young & Foodish are returning to Borough Market for the fifth time this June to bring you a lineup of some of the city’s finest dough-slingers, all vying to win the coveted ‘best pizza’ trophy.

Each ticket will net you a a quarter of a pizza from each of the six vendors making an appearance. For those of you who don’t have a calculator to hand, that’s one and a half pizzas each. You’ll then get to cast one single vote for your favourite, and at the end of proceedings, a winner will be crowned. Outfits being repped include:

London Pizza Festival

  • Gloria; darling of the Shoreditch food scene, known for its 10-layer lasagne; record-breaking grissini; and, yes, pizza;
  • 50 Kalò; a Neapolitan import that’s recently landed in Trafalgar Square and scorches pizzas in under a minute;
  • L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele; another Naples-born legend that is frequently hailed as the best pizza in the world;
  • Theo’s; a pair of South London pizzerias that are highly rated by locals and critics alike;
  • The Dough Shack; a roving pizza van kitted out with its own wood-fired oven;
  • Ffwrnes; a traditional Neopolitan pizza truck (using Welsh toppings) that’s as delicious as it is hard to spell.

They’ll each be presenting a signature pizza for you to test (with vegetarian alternatives where necessary). Aside from the food/democracy your ticket also gets you a beer and some sparkling water, while pop up bars and snack stops will be hawking spritz cocktails, fried pizza, mozzarella snacks, craft ales and Italian wines, which should all get you bopping to the Northern Soul tunes from DJ Anna Lovell.

Ironically, they’re not cheesy.


NOTE: The London Pizza Festival 2019 takes place on Sunday 2nd June at Borough Market. Tickets cost £28 and are available right HERE.

The London Pizza Festival | Borough Market, SE1 9BH

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The London Pizza Festival

Borough Market, Borough, SE1 9BH