Hattie Lloyd 04/10/19

Lunar Dreams

In an ideal world, all first dates would be conducted by moonlight, because –

1) It’s romantic as hell;

2) The soft, diffuse glow of the moon’s rays can do amazing things for your skin; and

3) You can confirm your date’s not a werewolf early doors.

The good news is that London is furnishing you with the perfect lunar date night later this month, when an illuminated, 7m-wide, fully accurate model of the moon is strung up for the Bloomsbury Festival.

Those with a firm finger on London’s cultural pulse will already know that this moon is also currently installed in the Natural History Museum. However, this incarnation is infinitely more exciting, because a) it’s under the radar, and won’t therefore be overrun with tourists and children; and b) it’ll be suspended from the vaulted ceiling of an atmospheric Victorian church.

The moon – which itself is a work of art by sculptor Luke Jerram – will be there from the 13th – 19th October, but for one night you’ll be invited to gather underneath it for a night of lunar folklore. Four of the city’s finest storytellers will weave tales of moon myth and legend from around the world as you bask in its glow – and while they perform, they’ll each be accompanied by specially commissioned live celestial soundscapes. Amongst them, you’ll hear the ghostly wail of the theremin, a sound which Neil Armstrong brought with him to listen to on the Apollo spacecraft.

It’s the perfect place to moon over each other.


PLEASE NOTE: Lunar Dreams took place on 18th October 2019 at Holy Cross Church, King’s Cross.

Holy Cross Church | 98 Cromer Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 8JU

Main image: The Moon at the University of Bristol

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Lunar Dreams

Holy Cross Church, 98 Cromer Street, King's Cross, WC1H 8JU