Hattie Lloyd 04/02/20

Moonlight Hustle

Moonlight Hustle | Time To Plan A Heist

As we’ve suspected for some time now, the old tunnels beneath Waterloo station are a hotbed of criminal activity.

At least, they are on Friday nights between 10.50pm and midnight.

See, that’s when you can join the Moonlight Hustle. One of many great shows taking place at this year’s VAULT Festival, it’s a fast-paced interactive dive into the city’s underbelly of organised crime. You’re joining the crème de la crème of criminals at their most illustrious annual gathering, where racketeers and outlaws vie to earn a place in the elite network of crooks known as The Commission.

Your task is to make sure that the leader of your gang takes that spot.

Moonlight Hustle

The only way to do that is to pull off the most impressive heist of the night, which takes place in one of the Vaults’ enormous underground tunnelways (where, for once, the shadowy corners, bare concrete floor and crumbling brick walls add to, rather than detract from the immersion). It’s the perfect setting for a little illicit activity. At its heart is a laser maze protecting an array of priceless artefacts, itself protected by searchlights and security guards. You’ll have to plan your way around each one of them, successfully extract your chosen prize, and impress the judging panel (there are extra points for flair) in order to win your gang leader the coveted spot.

To do that, you’ll have to throw yourself right into the thick of it, cracking riddles, uncovering useful equipment, sweet-talking the judging panel and blackmailing the security staff. You’ll need to be nimble-footed to navigate the maze, and above all, prepared to improvise.

Don’t worry, the actors will be doing that too.


NOTE: Moonlight Hustle takes place at The Vaults every Friday until 20th March. Tickets cost £17 – you can book right HERE.

Moonlight Hustle | The Vaults, Leake Street, SE1 7NN

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Moonlight Hustle

The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo, SE1 7NN