Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale | An Immersive Bond Experience
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Secret Cinema Have Announced Their Next Show

Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale

Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale | Partner Content

We’re not sure why it’s taken this long for Secret Cinema to take on the world of secret agents…

…but it looks like the two are finally Bonding.

After all, both are clandestine in nature, existing in a realm of hidden messages, elaborately constructed secret hideouts, and people who enjoy a stiff drink. So for their all-new experience, they’re taking you into the world of Casino Royale.

The film itself is 12 years old now (yes, really) and could therefore legally watch itself (yes, it’s a 12 certificate) but it’s aged extremely well, and stands tall in the pantheon of greatest Bond films. Some might argue the greatest, but that’s neither here nor there. What is important is that you’ll be entering the world of the film in the most immersive way possible, starting before you even arrive at their secret London location. Here’s what’ll happen:

Secret Cinema Casino Royale

1) You’ll get your ticket. This part is fairly important. They cost £40 (but go as high as £175 for the top-shelf VIP packages) and are available right HERE.

2) You’ll go about your daily life, placidly unaware of the nefarious scheme being set into motion by the world’s most dapper terrorist.

3) You’ll be urgently contacted by Her Majesty’s Government, who’ll recruit you to be part of their attempt to take him down. It’s called ‘Operation Wild Card’, and you’ll be assigned to either Q Branch or M Branch.

4) Prior to your mission, you’ll receive an alias, dress code and training suggestions to help you prepare for a night of high stakes poker, sophisticated boozing, and pithy one-liners…

Secret Cinema Casino Royale

Once you arrive at the event, the secret starts, with all immersive elements kept under wraps. But if past productions are anything to go by, this will be one you simply cannot miss. And this is going to be the biggest production that Secret Cinema have ever put on.

It begins next summer, and tickets are on sale now. So please…

…form an orderly Q.


NOTE: Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale will run from Wednesday 19th June 2019 for several weeks. Tickets cost £40 – £175 (for the top VIP packages) and are on sale right now, available HERE.

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