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Jason Allen 04/07/16

Spy City

Spy City | Immersive espionage in London Bridge

You’re standing outside a nondescript building somewhere near London Bridge.

The phone goes.

It’s your contact in the safe-house. There’s no need to panic. Everything’s under control. In fact, you’re invited to go and have a quick drink…

Thus starts Spy City. And it’s not exactly spoiling it to say that everything is in fact not under control, and there is in fact a very tangible need to panic.

The experience comes to us from the people at COLAB Theatre, who’s years of experience putting together immersive theatrical experiences (Crooks, Hunted, etc.) have been poured into this new showcase. It essentially represents the best-of-the-best parts from all of their previous shows, neatly weaved together into a whole new narrative.

Those bits will include laser dodging, reverse pick-pocketing, evading security guards, solving puzzles, being driven through the streets while also being interrogated, and making some very high-stakes moral choices. We can’t give away much more than that, as part of the fun is orienting yourself within the new world you’re plunged into…

…and in this place, there are no safe houses.

NOTE: Spy City makes place at COLAB House in London Bridge. You can find out more, and book tickets right HERE.


Spy City | 55 Southwark Street, SE1 1HR

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Spy City

55 Southwark Street, London Bridge, SE1 1HR