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Jason Allen 05/06/17

Juniper Manor


Gingerline may have ten letters, but for their latest experience, we’ll only need the first three.

Because the now-legendary secret supper club pioneers (responsible for the incredible Chambers of Flavour) are partnering up with Sipsmith, the passionate pioneers of London’s gin renaissance, to produce Juniper Manor: an impeccably designed, interactive, multi-room, gin-soaked dining experience.

As is typical of Gingerline experiences, the event is clouded in a shroud of secrecy (there are strictly no photos allowed), so as to maintain the sense of surprise and delight at the wonderment they’ve prepared. So, with that in mind here’s…


It’ll be a four-course, gin-paired dining experience. You’ll get a welcome drink on arrival, then head into the experience, which will involve ‘sauntering through time’. Every course will take place in a different uniquely themed room, with a different flavour-matched mini gin tipple to accompany each dish. The whole thing will take roughly 2 hours and 10 mins, and after all’s said and done, you can pitch up at the Juniper Bar for a few more (equally creative) cocktails. Black & white attire is requested, but not essential. Whether or not you’ll wear it is part of…


With Gingerline’s track record, we can reliably say that when they promise “a full night of interactive immersive entertainment”, they really mean it. Quite what form it will take, however, is anyone’s guess. Previous experiences have immersed people in aeroplane fuselages, Siberian circuses, submarine mess halls, and jungle canopies. But don’t worry, if it all gets too disorienting…

…all that gin should make an effective tonic.

NOTE: Tickets to Juniper Manor are completely sold out until August 2017, BUUUUUT a new batch is going on sale today at 11am, right HERE. And because you’re a Nudge reader, you have a 24hr heads-up on the general public. 

Tickets will revert to normal sale to the general public as of 11am on the 7th of June.

Gingerline | A secret East London location

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