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Jason Allen 20/12/23

The Nudge Life Drawing Classes

PLEASE NOTE: This event has taken place.

Earlier this year, we held our first life drawing class.

It went so well that we immediately started drawing… up plans for some more.

They’ll be taking place on the evening of 18th & 25th January, back in the Dark Arch at Peckham Arches, a suitably cosy and clandestine space. The plan is to keep things the same as last time, and for it to be very relaxed and casual, catering to all skill levels, and to create an opportunity for Nudge Members to get together and dip into their artistic side.

On the evenings, there’ll be some easygoing background music and a welcome cocktail to help get the creative gears turning. Then, the 2hr session will begin (with all the materials being provided for you), opening with a series of quick poses –  starting at 1 minute, and gradually getting longer and longer – from our model for people to get used to drawing form. After a small break to chat, look at eachothers work, and get another drink, the model will then provide some slightly longer poses, for guests to tackle a more in-depth drawing with charcoal & chalk.

The Nudge Life Drawing

We’ll have a host on hand throughout to give help, advice, and assistance to anyone who needs it. So if you’re wondering how much artistic ability you really have…

…you can draw your own conclusions.


NOTE: The Nudge’s life drawing classes will take place on 18th & 25th January 2024 in the Dark Arch at Peckham Arches. Tickets cost £25 and will include entry, a welcome cocktail, guidance from the host, and art supplies. Nudge Members can come along with a +1, though both guests must have their own ticket. To get tickets, just check the Members’ Box at the top of this page. Not yet a Nudge Member? Start a free trial here.

Peckham Arches | Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QN

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The Nudge Life Drawing Classes

Blenheim Grove, Peckham, South London, SE15 4QN