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Jason Allen 13/11/17

The Spirit Show 2017

The Spirit Show 2017

Here’s something that’ll lift your spirits…

Your hand.

Because it’s going to be the thing carrying your hard-working sample glass around The Spirit Show in Angel at the start of this December.

And when we say hard-working, we mean it – because back for its second year, the show will be seriously upping its own ante, offering anyone with a ticket unlimited tastings of its 300+ globe-spanning craft spirits (that’s up from 200 last year).

You’ll find everything from artisan vodka, to craft whisky, micro-distillery gin, absinthe, small-batch rum, and virtually anything mankind can make into a liqueur. A few of the more unique standouts include Sikera (It’s a Siberian spirit made with herbs, berries, nuts and honey), Huana from Mexico (the only guanábana fruit rum liqueur in the world), some Cornish Wrecking Coast clotted cream gin (‘dessert in a glass’), and even some Tobacco liqueur (which apparently “effectively negates the health concerns associated with tobacco “. It’s still booze though.)

So what else is going on? Well, you can expect everything from,

1) A Tasting Stage, upon which visitors will learn from experts “how to taste sprits” (hint: don’t neck it while shouting shots-shots-shots!).

2) The Fentimans Cocktail Experience in which the master-mixer-makers will be blending their various softs into cocktails, and teaching visitors a repertoire of mixology skills that they can take away and show off at home.

3) Rumming and Relaxing with The Floating Rum Shack which unfortunately isn’t a literal floating rum shack, but is in fact a guided rum tasting hosted by rum expert/legend Peter Holland.

4) The Sobolinaya Vodka Central Bar where you can try some organic vodka, and then try some organic vodka in one of their delicious cocktails.

5) Ice carving from PSD Ice Art, who’re responsible for sculpting hard water for movies, TV, and pretty much any ultra-high end event involving chainsaws.

But don’t worry – there’ll be cubes, too.

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OTHER NOTE: The Spirit Show is taking place on the 1st & 2nd of December 2017, at The Business Design Centre in Angel. Tickets start at £20, and can be found on their website right HERE

The Business Design Centre | 52 Upper St, N1 0QH

While you’re in Islington… here’s a little area guide to keep you occupied. 

The Spirit Show 2017

52 Upper St, Islington, North London, N1 0QH