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The Spring Auction by The Auction Collective

The Spring Auction by The Auction Collective

The Auction Collective | Nudge Members’ Perk | An artist-led preview, wine tasting, and some sensory experiences with Vignette Wine

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They’re happy to do your bidding.

And the really great ones go a step further still. Such as former Christies’ gavel-man Tom Best, who decided to change up the industry by starting his own forward-thinking outfit The Auction Collective.

So what makes them so great? Well, you can read all about them right HERE, but the short version is this: they deal directly with artists, scouring the country for up-and-comers with talent to burn (but without the exposure to match). They then hold seasonal auctions with their best artworks, charging 0% commission, and delivering everything framed & ready to install.

The Spring Auction is going to be the first of these auctions. It’ll take place in the Menier Gallery (near London Bridge and Borough Market) on the 23rd March. But for the five days before that, the gallery will be exhibiting all the artworks… and you’re getting in there for a private viewing. You’ll be given a tour of the art by the auction curator, Francesca Wilson, and there’ll be a few of the artists on hand to talk you through their works too. And, as is typical of basically no other private view, there’ll also be five wine-related sensory stations set up within the gallery, by Vignette Wines, one for each sense.


This station will have a virtual reality kit you can strap on in order to create virtual art with a rich palette of textures, all of which will be projected live onto the gallery wall.


This stop is inspired by Oxford University’s head of experimental psychology, Charles Spence. Here, you’ll directly experience how low-frequency music can enhance your perception of bitterness, while high-pitched music can enhance your perception of sweetness, via the medium of wine.


Here, you’ll discover the tough work of the master sommelier by attempting to discern different smells from mystery vials. Even the most everyday aromas, like pineapple, liquorice, and honey will all be shown to be strangely elusive, even when they’re literally on the tip of your tongue.


This one’s been kept under wraps for the sake of the experience, but the idea is to create a ‘white/gold vs black/blue dress’ type taste phenomenon using “a simple experiment”.


Slap on a blindfold, and get a trio of unusual wines to taste. The results are promised to be “surprising”.

All in all, you should get at least five tastings of wine on the evening, as well as a tour of the art from the auction curator, and a chat with some of the artists themselves.

So whatever happens, you’ll get a piece of the auction.

ACCESS:  For tickets, please get your access code from the Perk Box, below

Menier Gallery | 51 Southwark St, SE1 1RU

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The Spring Auction by The Auction Collective

51 Southwark St, London Bridge, SE1 1RU


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