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Labelling something as ‘urban yoga’ seems a bit of a stretch.

But that’s precisely what Yogarise have declared themselves to be, and they seem to be living up to it. Their Peckham studio brings a little of the city into itself, from the industrial-style space, to the inclusive community classes, to the sheer diversity of courses on offer.

That space is a light, airy, open studio with bare brick walls, warehouse-sized windows, and wooden floors with a few splashes of colour thrown in here and there. It’s perfectly tranquil, but they’ve allowed a little of the bustle of city life into it by doing away with a lot of the traditional formality, and explicitly making sure it’s not a “silent studio”. Though they ARE thankfully adhering to the tradition of having showers & changing rooms too.


The classes you can attend there are genuinely quite astounding in their variety – there’s everything from Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Resorative yoga to Yin-Yang, Mindful Flow, Pregnancy & Postnatal, and Mandala Vinyasa. There’s even Rocket Yoga (which is apparently a sweat-heavy class with “some experience required” to join), and something called ‘Acroyoga’ which teaches you to fling your partner across the room in a peaceful, tranquil manner. Then there’s all the non-yoga stuff, which includes the likes of gong meditations, or hot dynamic pilates. Oh, and one little touch you might appreciate: they have consent cards you can place on your mat telling the teacher what level of contact you’re comfortable with.

In the summer they open up the rooftop for open air classes, and they run year-round ‘community classes’ which are completely free, although they will accept £5 donations to raise funds for good causes nominated by the customers. And if you can’t make it to the studio? They hold online classes, too.

Basically, they’ll bend over backwards for you.


NOTE: Yogarise Peckham is open now. You can find out more and make a booking at their website right HERE.


Yogarise Peckham | 133 Copeland Road, The Bussey Building First Floor, Yellow Stairs, SE15 3SN


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133 Copeland Road, The Bussey Building First Floor, Yellow Stairs, Peckham, SE15 3SN
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