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Jason Allen 04/07/17

Manti Month at Yosma

Manti Month At Yosma


It already sounds delicious.

So it’s a shame that its national cuisine doesn’t get nearly enough attention, particularly manti, the insanely good dim sum/momo-esque little dumplings they make there.

Which means it can only br a good thing that Yosma, the capital’s preeminent Turkish restaurant, are creating Manti Month (otherwise known as ‘July’) to celebrate the little parcels of joy. They’ll be rolling out a specially created Manti Menu and a one-off manti-making masterclass to top it all off. Here’s how it breaks down:


You’ll find dumplings filled with the likes of lobster, honey, garlic cream and tomato ezme; aubergine with lor cheese, fresh baby spinach, lemon yogurt and mint; lamb neck, yogurt sauce and chilli oil; and, crispy manti with chicken, kasar cheese sauce and chilli sucuk. And if you like them is much you’d like to make your own? Well, then there’s…


Taking place on the 26th of July, things will kick off with a pineapple raki sour, before Executive Head Chef Hus Vedat delivers a step-by-step class on how to make manti. You’ll be taken you through the recipe from start to finish, hand rolling the pastry and creating the fillings, before cooking them, and sitting down to eat the fruits of your labour.

After which, like any good turkey, you’ll be stuffed.


YOSMA | 50 Baker Street, London, W1U 7BT

Manti Month At Yosma

50 Baker Street, Marylebone, Central London, W1U 7BT