Take a Picnic Cruise on a Self-Driving Boat

Self-driving boats.

They don’t need a particularly good sailsman.

Which is why GoBoat is probably going to be booked solid this summer. They first anchored up at Paddington’s Merchant’s Square back in 2017, then opened a second location in Kingston riiiight at the start of 2020. The sea is indeed a cruel mistress. Luckily they remained afloat and thanks to the rule of six, they’re actually available to hire right now.


These boats, as we mentioned, are self-driving. That means it’s just you and your chosen companions on there, with no boating experience necessary. They’re all electric, made from 80% recycled bottles & sustainable wood, and can fit up to 6 people now, and 8 people from May 17th. You can hire them for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours a pop hour to sail either via the canals of Little Venice, or the stretch of Thames that takes you past Hampton Court Palace.



Okay, so that was a poor choice of words. The boats stay afloat, they assure us. But the experience goes down as follows: first, you and your crew arrive. You’ll get a brief safety chat, a few life vests, and a map for you to plan your route. And you can then unpack your picnic and booze – each boat is helpfully is fitted with a table – and take off, pootling along at a steady 3 knots (4mph).

So get ready to show off your prow-ess.


NOTE: GoBoats are available to sail every day, and can carry 6 people at a time (with social distancing measures). From May 17th, you can book up to 8 people per boat with no restrictions. Prices start at £79 for the first hour. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE.

GoBoat | Merchant Square, W2 1AJ & Kingston Road Bridge, KT1 1QN

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Merchant Square, Paddington, W2 1AJ
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