Self-driving boats.

They don’t need a particularly good sailsman.

Which is why GoBoat is probably going to be booked solid this summer. Already making waves in Copenhagen, these self-powered boats have traversed the North Sea to come to the UK, finally anchoring themselves at Paddington’s Merchant Square.


These boats, as we mentioned, are self-driving. That means it’s just you and your chosen companions on there, with no boating experience necessary. They’re all electric, made from 80% recycled bottles & sustainable wood, and can fit up to 8 people. You can hire them for anywhere between 1 hour and a whole day to sail the North London canals.



Okay, so that was a poor choice of words. The boats stay afloat, they assure us. But the experience goes down as follows: first, you and your crew arrive. If you didn’t bring your own booze and/or a picnic, you can always order some from local restaurant KuPP and it’ll be delivered to your boat (which, helpfully is fitted with a table).

The staff will then give you a brief safety chat, a few life vests, and a map for you to plan your route – heading up to Little Venice, then either going east to Camden, or west to Kensal Green and beyond. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll all load into your trusty vessel and take off, pootling along at a steady 3 knots (4mph).

So get ready to show off your prow-ess.


NOTE: GoBoats are available to sail every day. Prices start at £59 between up to 8 people. Although it is possible to walk up and hire one, it’s highly advisable to book at their website right HERE.

GoBoat | Merchant Square, W2 1AJ

While you’re there… you could do worse than refuelling at Pergola Paddington


Merchant Square, Paddington, W2 1AJ
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