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Neil Frame 19/01/18

Kettner’s Townhouse

UPDATE: Kettner’s Townhouse is now open only to Soho House members.

Here’s what we know about Napoleon.

Very little.

We do, however, know quite a bit about his nephew’s personal chef. His name was Auguste Kettner, and in 1867, he founded Kettner’s in Soho, which had been going strong for literally a century and a half serving guests from Oscar Wilde, to Winston Churchill, to Agatha Christie, to Robert De Niro, to literal royalty before shutting down.

Well, now it’s back.

And this time, it’s part of the Soho House group, who have turned it into a hotel, restaurant, and bar, with as many of the original features lovingly  preserved as possible. Starting with the part that’s most likely to be of interest:


Kettner's Townhouse

Given how old the place is, it comes as no surprise that many of the individual features were actually Grade-II listed, and they’ve all been painstakingly restored – from the mouldings to the mirrors – to sit alongside classic white tablecloths, richly embroidered chairs, and elegant parquet flooring.

On the menu, there’s a classic Kettner’s blend of both French & English dishes, from smaller stuff like dandelion salad with smoked bacon, or steak tartare with artichoke; to larger numbers like a truffle roast chicken with Pommes Anna (layered potatoes cooked with butter) or some wild seabass with samphire. That French flavour is even carried into the Chambord themed afternoon tea, with Chambord battenburg, cocktails, and scones with liqueur-soaked raisins. Then there are,


Kettner's Townhouse

There’s the Piano Bar with its own live pianist, and a Champagne Bar whose original mosaic floor has been fully restored – and at either of them you can score classic cocktails (hellooo Negroni) or the likes of a Champagne Martini coming with vodka, Champagne cordial, orange, and a handy caviar vol-au-vent. And if after a few of those you feel like retiring there’s always,


Kettner's Townhouse

Upstairs you can now stumble into one of their 33 boutique rooms – all given a subtle ’20s-style feel thanks to some art nouveau touches – including one which was supposed to be a cinema, until soundproofing issues made them abandon the idea, and turn it into one vast suite instead. Being their biggest room, it’s probably not best to plan on retiring up there, however…

…if you’re a little short.


NOTE: Kettner’s Townhouse is sadly now open only to Soho House members.

OTHER NOTE: Napoleon was actual average height. Which is a little known fact.

Kettner’s Townhouse | 29 Romilly Street, W1D 5HD

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Kettner’s Townhouse

29 Romilly Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 5HP

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