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Jason Allen 16/04/19

Mao Chow

NOTE: Mao Chow has now moved round the corner and become Facing Heaven.

Communist jokes aren’t funny…

…unless everyone gets them.

And Mao Chow serves food that everyone can eat, being an all-vegan Chinese restaurant. They’ve been serving up their innovative meat-free dishes at pop ups across town for the past 18 months, and now they’ve bagged themselves a spot on prime restaurant turf, on Hackney’s Mare Street.

It’s a petite, hole-in-the-wall space, seating only 12 at a time (and to keep things democratic, it’s currently walk-in only). Formerly a coffee and dumplings spot, it’s very much kept that casual, airy café vibe, with pops of baby pink and aqua on the walls, and a yellow counter wrapping around the tiny open kitchen at the front of the space.

Mao Chow

Here’s what they’re cooking up in it:


Their opening menu is packed with new dishes that show how much they’ve been developing since the original pop ups. There’s smacked cucumber with black vinegar and garlic; ‘meaty’ veg and fennel dumplings; cumin grilled oyster mushroom bing (a kind of sesame-studded flatbread); spicy mapo tofu with black beans and doubanjiang (chilli bean sauce) and Chongqing wheat noodles with a spicy sauce and chickpeas. The idea is to order a couple of different dishes, and get a taste of everything.

Mao Chow


They’re serving up Vitasoy, herbal tea and Taiwanese cider here, plus a little regularly-changing list of vino.

And you might want to get a taste of everything on that menu, too.


NOTE: Mao Chow has now moved round the corner and become Facing Heaven.

Mao Chow | 159a Mare Street, E8 3RH 

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Mao Chow

159a Mare Street, Hackney, East London, E8 3RH

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