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Neil Frame 07/01/70

184 Hackney Road

184 Hackney Road | Hoxton Bar

Unfortunately 184 has now closed.

Many people live by the motto  “Do something each day that scares you“.

But not for long.

A better motto is “Do something that scares you, sometimes”… just because, once in a while, it’s nice to be reminded that you actually don’t live every day in a shadowy world of self-induced terror.

But some days you should, so today’s philosophy lesson comes with an assignment… a trip to 184 Hackney Road, a new subterranean bar in Hackney dedicated to dishing out El Diablo’s poison: the father of tequila and Mexico’s oldest stimulant drink, Mezcal.

Hidden beneath a kebab shop, the Hackney Road basement combines concrete walls with homemade, recycled and reclaimed furniture; ornate mirrors and floral wallpaper located behind a DJ booth serving up old rock, modern cumbia and vintage electro; a house jukebox and a pink-topped bar stacked with over 20 varieties of the good stuff.

Speaking of the Mezcal, which we are, the wide selection here is all hand-crafted, artisan produce sourced directly from Oaxaca by the bar’s founders, and is served either within cocktails or straight up (alongside tasting notes like “bow down to this one, it will fuck you up and show you how it happens…” ).

But if any of this sounds scary, you can rest assured that it really isn’t… which is why you’ll be happy to learn that your “face your fears” assignment this week isn’t actually a trip to 184 Hackney Road.

It’s waking up the next morning.


Unfortunately 184 has now closed.

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184 Hackney Road

The Golden Grill, 184 Hackney Road, Hoxton, East London, E2 7QL

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