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Typing Room

Typing Room | Bethnal Green Restaurant

NOTE: Typing Room has sadly now closed.

There are times in life where paying very close attention to exactly what it is you’re doing is of the utmost importance. Like, for example:

When typing ‘Grandfather Clocks’ into Google images. And,

When visiting Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel restaurant, Typing Room –

The former because some things can never be unseen, and the latter because Typing Room is intricate, inventive, professional, radical, relaxed, ‘fashionable’, and above all – putting its previously described assets cleanly in the shade – just really good. An assertion which, although rare, is in this case completely unsurprising, because: the kitchen is headed by Lee Westcott, fresh from Per Se (New York) and Noma (Copenhagen); the restaurant is located in the Town Hall Hotel’s original mayoral and judicial typing room, dressed with white marble, oak and brushed brass; and the next door neighbours are Peg + Patriot, a cocktail bar specialising in all things weird and wonderful when it comes to novel ingredients.

For food, you have choices: a £29 set lunch, a £60 – £75 tasting menu, or dining à la carte. Regardless, you should probably start with a cocktail from across the way, then make room for dishes like choux profiteroles topped with black olive emulsion and stuffed with courgette and basil; rye IPA sourdough with whipped Marmite butter and popped barley; rosemary brioche with chicken skin butter; duck breast with spiced mango purée and confit fennel; and desserts of cheese and white chocolate with chicory, lemon and jasmine.

At which point, you should probably head across the way (again) to finish with another cocktail.

Simple: cocktail – food – cocktail.

We like to call it The Typing Room Sandwich.


NOTE: Typing Room has sadly now closed.

Typing Room | Town Hall Hotel, Patriots Square, E2 9NF

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Typing Room

Town Hall Hotel, Patriots Square, Bethnal Green, East London, E2 9NF

9.5 | Amazing