Hattie Lloyd 11/01/22

Diogenes The Dog

Diogenes the Dog was a Greek philosopher who lived in a barrel, squared up to Alexander the Great, got captured by pirates and was one of the founders of cynic philosophy.

Yeah, right.

And in his honour exists a maverick bar of the same name which has pied off the conventional in favour of flogging lesser known wines inside a former pub not far from the Walworth Road.

Diogenes The Dog

A tasteful forest green and wood-heavy interior adorned with strategically positioned house plants give it a relaxed atmosphere in which to quaff a selection of vino that’s interesting and not overwhelmingly long, balancing a nice combination of sparkling, orange, rosé, white, red and sweet/fortified options to suit everyone. It’s of note that 40% of the bottles have been bought directly from producers.

So yes, you could peruse the menu. But that would be a mistake. Instead, just talk to your sommelier – they know the impressively broad selection of wines backward, and probably helped to pick several of them. They’ve got old world, new world, and gems plucked from places like India, Poland, and Wolverhampton (seriously). Have a chat about price, style, and mood, and they’ll come up with something to suit.

Diogenes The Dog

To accompany your tipple is a short list of snacks ranging from terrines, through a boozy cheeseboard and alighting at seasonal toasties (obviously), including a wine-matured three cheese and ‘Nduja number. Lovely. And if you suspect that the drunken ramblings of a friend won’t be enough to keep you entertained when you visit, The Dog hosts a few events on the premises each month, including a wine tasting course, jazz nights, poetry workshops and free-to-enter socials…

you can even bring your dog.


NOTE: Diogenes the Dog is open now. You can just walk-in, but booking ahead is advised for the evenings – you can do that right HERE


Diogenes the Dog | 96 Rodney Road, SE17 1BG

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Diogenes The Dog

96 Rodney Road, Elephant & Castle, South London, SE17 1BG

020 7703 5570

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