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Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club

Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club | A Quirky Victorian Cocktail Bar in Soho

Mr Fogg clearly hasn’t lost his penchant for travel – he’s headed all the way to deepest, darkest Soho next in order to swing the doors on his latest whimsically eccentric cocktail parlour.

It’s called Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club, and it’s the latest pin in the map for the ever-expanding Fogg’s empire, which now includes quirky taverns, glamorous railway carriages, and subterranean apothecaries among many other examples of its quirky Victoriana-style cocktail lounges. And, as with the others, this venue too has its own unique spin on their playfully offbeat signature style.

You’ll find it on Soho’s Great Chapel Street, a location that’s literally perfect for a Victorian Hat Tavern & Gin Club for two reasons: 1) it’s opposite a former Victorian hat factory, and 2) it’s housed in a former gin club. In fact, the two floor space us divided thusly into two areas, which we’ll take one-at-a-time right here:

Mr Fogg's Hat Tavern & Gin Club

Upstairs, The Hat Tavern looks out onto the former, Henry Heath Hat Factory (established 1822), where any gentleman worth his velvet would get their top hat from. Here you’ll find a long bar flanked by a squadron of tables that have been crafted into glass-topped display cases showcasing the hats & accessories that the factory opposite once churned out, and all of it is surrounded by time-worn wood-panelled walls, and a bronze ceiling covered with dangling vintage curios. Here, you can get familiar Fogg-style fancy cocktails, such as the Bowler, which blends cognac, rum, and spiced chocolate bitters.

Mr Fogg's Hat Tavern & Gin Club

Downstairs you’ll find The Gin Club – a throwback to when the place housed an ancient bar called The London Gin Club – which you’ll be astonished to learn specialised in gin. There are dozens of bottles of the stuff lining the shelves behind the low bar, looking out onto a cosy space with intricately patterned carpets, plush sofas, and plenty more hats on display. To drink, you can get yourself a miniature bathtub filled with gin, elderflower liqueur, pineapple & ginger syrup, and ‘lavender air’ (to get one, just say you need to ‘Take A Bath’), or a Pacific Gimlet which brings together gin with yuzushu (it’s like yuzu sake) and a zesty hit of kumquat.

As with most venues from Mr Fogg…

…this one’s not to be mist.


NOTE: Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club is open now, seven days a week. You can find out more, and book a table at their website right here

Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club | 22 Great Chapel Street, Soho, W1F 8FR

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Mr Fogg’s Hat Tavern & Gin Club

22 Great Chapel Street, Soho, Central London, W1F 8FR

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