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Vodka, on its own, is pretty neat.

But thanks to its clarity of flavour (and literal transparency) it makes the perfect platform upon which to throw a few more interesting flavours, and make something truly delicious: a cocktail.

And who better to show you how to make those cocktails than the people who actually make the vodka itself? So allow us to introduce you to Our/London who – for those unfamiliar with them – make some of the finest vodka in the city. You’ll find them tucked away in an East London railway arch where they part-distill & blend their potent wares using a gorgeous, custom-built Arnold Holstein copper still. Everything’s sustainable, local, and ridiculously drinkable.

Over the next couple of months, they’re inviting you into their modest little distillery for a few mixology masterclasses, the likes of which you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Here’s just a taste of what they have in store:

Mixology | Thursday 28th March
This one is designed to showcase the sheer versatility of vodka. So, after getting a stiff welcome drink & a tour of the distillery, you’ll get a masterclass that explores the remarkable range of cocktails that you can make from vodka. All in all, you’ll get to make three drinks, finishing it all with a ‘create your own martini’ exercise in which you can push your drink’s dirtiness/spiciness/subtlety to hitherto unknown heights. And of course you’ll get a few nibbles to top that off. And a special edition label 350ml bottle of Our/London Vodka to take home (RRP £15.99). And a chance to hang out at the distillery bar for yet more cocktail sampling.

NOTE: Don’t worry if you miss this one, there’ll be another on April 25th


Aroma | Tuesday 9th April
This one’s all about aromatics, so naturally they’ve lined up an engaging talk on aroma & the science behind it by Emmanuelle from The Experimental Perfume Company. It just makes scents. As with the other masterclasses, you’ll get a welcome cocktail & a distillery tour before hitting the cocktail shaker, and using what you’ve learned about aromatics to create something beautiful. And, as with the other classes there’ll be nibbles & a take-home special edition bottle, too (RRP £15.99).

Seasonality | Tuesday 9th July
Hitting the best season with a masterclass on seasonality, this one will be split between the indoors & outdoors. After a welcome drink and a jaunt around the distillery, you’ll be led on a foraging walk by John Rensten (author of The Edible City), who’ll show you how the plants all around us, here in the city, can be used to make delicious food & drink. It’s the latter part that you’ll be concerned with when you return to the distillery, engage in a little light discussion, and the Our/London mixologists take your freshly foraged ingredients to make a couple of cocktails with. You’ll walk away with an Our/Vodka Infusion pack (RRP £15.99) and a copy of ‘The Edible City’ …after you dive into the nibbles and the cocktail bar, of course.

So if someone asks you what you’d use to make a great cocktail…

…the answer is clear.

NOTE: The Our/London cocktail masterclasses take place on March 28th, April 9th & 25th, and July 9th. You can book them all here: March 28th; April 9th; April 25th; July 9th.

Our/London Vodka Ltd | Spurstowe Road, London, E8 1LS

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Our/London’s Vodka Cocktail Masterclasses

Our/London Vodka Ltd, Spurstowe Road, Hackney, Hackney, E8 1LS
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