Jason Allen 18/06/19

VIP Beekeeping & Beer Tasting Experience

VIP Beekeeping & Beer Tasting Experience | Beer & bees in a 14th Century mansion

They say beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

We’re not sure why. Those suits aren’t exactly catwalk-ready. But you’re still going to don one for your Hiver beekeeping experience.

Hiver, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a beer. And while most beers get you buzzed, Hiver takes it to another level, because it’s literally made with honey. It’s that honey that you’ll be taking an up-close-and-personal look at during this beekeeping experience. Here’s how it goes down:

First, you’ll head down to Barbican, and step into the extraordinary venue that is The Charterhouse. First built in the 14th century, it’s only recently been opened to the public, and it’s like stepping into a walk-in time capsule.

Hiver Beekeeping Experience

Once inside, you’ll get a little introductory chat about bees, urban hives, the history of beekeeping, and they’ll regale you with a couple of the more incredible tales from the Charterhouse itself. Then, it’s time to get suited and booted, slap on those beekeeping outfits, and take a wander down to Queen’s Walk where the hives are.

After you’ve introduced yourself to your little pollen-loving pals, you’ll get to sample their wares in a guided tasting. That tasting will be led by Sarah Wyndham Lewis, one of only three honey sommeliers in the country. Which sounds like a superb job. You’ll to try raw, unfiltered, unpasteurised honey straight from the hive (there’ll be several types from around the world to try), annnd a few types of Hiver honey beer to top them off.

Afterwards, you’ll get to take home your own collection of raw honeys, honey beers, and a “Planting For Honeybees” guide, to help you help out our fuzzy friends. And if you want, you can explore the rest of The Charterhouse at your own leisure.

It’s the bees knees, and shoulders, and elbow joints.

NOTE: The Vip Beekeeping & Beer Tasting Experience at The Charterhouse takes place from 20th July until 31st August. You can find out more, and get your ticket right HERE.

The Charterhouse | Charterhouse Square, Barbican, EC1M 6AN

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VIP Beekeeping & Beer Tasting Experience

The Charterhouse, Charterhouse Square, Farringdon, EC1M 6AN