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The House Of Peroni IV


Irrespective of your gender, height, nationality or partiality to premium Italian lager, you – like everyone else in the world – fall into one of two categories.

Either 1) You celebrated the start of Summer 2014 back in May at The House Of Peroni, a four storey Victorian townhouse dedicated to Italian-style revelry, or 2) You didn’t.

If you did go then you’ll be pleasantly aroused to hear that it’s once again taking over that very same townhouse throughout the entirety of October, bringing with it a brand new, fully immersive experience of Italian food, drinks, design, art, fashion, and architecture. And if you didn’t go then now is the time to make it up to yourself…

The newly improved House – which features an authentic espresso bar, three separate cocktail saloons and a garden terrace installation – is open free of charge to anyone who fancies popping by to explore it. However if there’s one ancient Zen proverb that we like to live our lives by – and which we’d suggest that you live yours by, too – it’s this one:

“Buy Tickets In Advance” – Ancient Zen Proverb

Fortunately adhering to it is, in this particular circumstance, very easy to do because advance tickets are already on sale for events like Film Feast (where the chefs of Bottega Wapping’ll be matching traditional Italian cuisine with classic Italian films); a regular night of Italian street food and DJ’s on a garden terrace known as Mercato Romano; and opportunities to make mouthwatering chocolate from third generation Italian artisans at The Art of Chocolate.

You know what you need to do.

(But if you don’t then visit The House Of Peroni website HERE)

NOTE: The House Of Peroni reopens its doors 
Mon – Sat (from 3rd October – 31st October 2014). Admission is free. To learn more about The House, or to book advance tickets for some of the events happening each week, visit The House Of Peroni website HERE

The House Of Peroni 2014 64 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3JX


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The House Of Peroni IV

64 Lincolns Inn Fields, The City, WC2A 3JX

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