Jason Allen 12/03/24

Greek-Style Rotisserie Is Coming To Borough Market

In Greece, an agora is a market, and in London an AGORA is in a market.

It’s going to be a new rotisserie chicken joint from the man behind SMOKESTAK, David Carter, and he’s going to open it up underneath OMA, his forthcoming eatery in Borough Market. And despite its slightly more casual tone, it’ll still be in ALL CAPITALS.

The idea is fairly simple – while OMA leans a little more into refinement and creativity in its dishes, AGORA will be all about the carnal satisfaction of rotisserie roasted meats. In fact, that’s what people will be greeted with on their way into the joint: a two-metre charcoal rotisserie ‘souvla’ packing whole animals including native breed pork, lamb and chicken from the West Country.


Moving further in, we can expect a temple of stone, wood, and metal, with a chiselled wooden bar, stone walls & countertops, and weathered bronze fittings dressed up in simple Greek colours, to match the design up with the simple, rustically elemental style of the food. Speaking of, the menu will kick off with the likes of wood-fired flatbreads with wild-farmed British grains topped with either spinach tzatziki & crispy garlic, or strained yoghurt with feta, oregano, and aleppo chilli oil. Then, the main event will involve all manner of farmyard animals, such as:

  • Garlic & Oregano Marinated rolled Lamb Shoulder
  • Rosemary & Pork Fat Brushed ‘Kontosouvli’ Pork Shoulder
  • Pasture Fed Somerset Saxon Chicken
  • Whole Spit-Roast Lamb

There’s going to be a bar too, with bright & refreshing cocktails (including a rhubarb sour, cucumber & elderflower spritz, and a classic grapefruit paloma) designed to cut through the robust & fatty flavours of the meat.

Look like it’ll definitely be worth checking out if you’re in the Market for something tasty…


NOTE: AGORA is set to open later in March. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at the website right here.

AGORA | 2-4 Bedale St, SE1 9AL

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2-4 Bedale St, Borough, South London, SE1 9AL