Jason Allen 24/01/24

The Man Behind SMOKESTAK Has A New Trick Up His Sleeve

OMA word, this sounds like it’s going to be a great restaurant.

It’s the next project from one David Carter, the founder of SMOKESTAK and co-founder of manteca, both of which have a Bib Gourmand from the people at Michelin – meaning that they’re both good quality and good value, and meaning that David Carter knows exactly what he’s doing. And what he’s doing here is a Greek-style taverna

When it opens this spring you’ll find it in a first floor space in Borough Market, and it’s going to have some impressive features on display: a 2.5m-long raw bar will greet you at the entrance with a briny overture of dayboat fish & molluscs, which then leads onto a fiery central hearth upon which all manner of dry-aged meat, veg and seafood will be scorched over wood. And just to throw in a third method of cooking that’s also both traditional & quite pretty, there’ll be Cretan clay pots in which the team will rustle up dishes of orzo-based youvetsi.

Speaking of, the people manning those cooking stations will be Chefs Nick Molyviatis (formerly head chef of Kiln) and Jorge Paredes (formerly executive chef of Sabor), both of whom have talent to burn and an open fire to do it on. Thus, their opening menu will include the likes of:


  • Yellowfin tuna with clementine and aged soy
  • Harissa-grilled prawns with cucumber and mint tzatziki
  • Lamb belly skewers caramelised with date molasses
  • Clay hot pots with turbot collar or ‘osso bucco’ youvetsi
  • And to finish? A little olive oil ice cream with fennel pollen

And there’s a pretty extensive wine list to match all of this, with an eye-widening 400 bottles-worth of mineral-leaning, coastal vintages from across Greece, Corsica, La Palma, Tenerife, and the coastal regions of both Europe and South Africa.

Given that it’s a Greek restaurant, it’s quite appropriate this it’s an epic…


NOTE: OMA is set to open Spring 2024. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on their website right here.

OMA | 2-4 Bedale St, SE1 9AL

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2-4 Bedale St, Borough, South London, SE1 9AL