Hattie Lloyd 05/04/24

The Medlar Team Are Doubling Up

The Medlar founders are gearing up to open a new restaurant this summer on the rooftop of a 19th century ice factory.

As settings go, it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

And we can only assume it was the very specific setting that the duo were holding out for, because it’s been a whole 13 years since Joe Mercer Nairne and David O’Connor opened their fine dining gem in Chelsea.

Medlar’s easily one of Chelsea’s top restaurants, serving finessed French dishes in a more relaxed environment than you’d find in most high-end establishments, yet winning itself a Michelin star within just two years.

Now it seems they’re ready to branch out, having just signed the lease on this rooftop spot in Belgravia. The Ice Factory has been totally revamped in the run-up to its 200th birthday, and like the neighbouring Eccleston Yards, it’s an old industrial relic that’s set to come back to life with restaurants, shops and office spaces. Set under a sawtooth roof on the building’s fourth floor, the restaurant will also boast two covered terraces, looking out over Grade II listed chimney pots.

Like Medlar, Cornus takes its name from a kind of tree, but that’s pretty much all we know about the place so far. The only other tantalising detail is that the kitchen will be gasless, which probably means they’re going to be cooking with live fire…

…or microwaves.


NOTE: Cornus is set to open sometime in the summer – we’ll be back with the full scoop then. In the meantime, you can follow them on Insta here.

Cornus | 27 Eccleston Place, London SW1W 9NF

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27 Eccleston Place, Victoria, SW1W 9NF