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Dirty Bones Kingly Court | Carnaby Restaurant

Sometimes life needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

And a dollop of mustard, some pickles, tabasco sauce aaand an oreo, malted milk and chocolate ice cream shake.

Those times fall predominately into three categories. When you’re:

1) Hungover.

2) Drunk. Or,

3) In the mood for classic, outrageous American comfort food, strong cocktails, beer, cider, shooters, music and everything in between on the third and top floor of the giant adult playground that is Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street.

And so let’s all give a high five to the second ever Dirty Bones (sibling to the Kensington original) which came into being after its owners once more waded through America’s staple diners in search of the best dishes… and then brought them all over to London.

Dirty Bones Carnaby

This time round however, they’re doing a few things differently. Because Dirty Bones Carnaby has – for central London – a late licence (serving a full food menu until 11pm), as well as alfresco brunches on their third floor verandah.

But they’re also doing some things the same… like their crispy fried buttermilk chicken on waffles with hot maple syrup; their charred padrón peppers in citrus glaze; their pulled beef and mac & cheese burgers; their four different types of hot dogs; and their 18 signature cocktails served up to a soundtrack of classic funk, hip hop and soul music.

Happy hangover.


NOTE: Dirty Bones Kingly Court is open for lunch and dinner daily, plus brunch on weekends. You can make a lunch reservation HERE, but dinner and drinks are walk-in only.

ALSO NOTE: You can also find Dirty Bones in Kensington, Soho and Shoreditch.

Dirty Bones Kingly Court | Top floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby, W1B 5PW 

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Dirty Bones Kingly Court

Top Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, Soho, Central London, W1B 5PW
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020 3019 9062

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