Jason Allen 07/11/23

Dishoom Battersea

It’s no wonder Dishoom has resonated so well with the English diner.

When you consider that a trip to one of their restaurants frequently involves food from a foreign country, gallons of tea, and compulsory queueing… it’s probably the most British restaurant in the land.

And now, it’s colonised yet more of our fair isle, pitching its flag up south of the river for the first time with a new branch in Battersea. Specifically, right next to the Power Station, which has been hoarding great new restaurants (albeit mostly chains) at a Thanos-like rate.

dishoom battersea

You’ll find it in a retro-futuristic space inspired by both Bombay in the 1950s & Bombay in the 2150s. That means sweeping, rippled lighting fixtures that snake across the two floor space, and a snappy cocktail bar (the all-important Permit bar) that evokes an old fashioned railway carriage. The art deco furnishings and curved edges are dressed in a handsome turquoise blue, while the bar area is drenched in a snappy ruby red. On the walls you’ll find frames from a retro-futuristic comic book, all about a “a girl who lives in Bombay 1953 and is transported to an imagined 2023 where she has superpowers”.

They’ve nailed the aesthetic, basically.

dishoom battersea dish

So what’s on the menu? Well, the classic dhals, bacon naan, and Ruby Murray – but they’ve also rolled out a spacial Bhatti Chicken dish, which is marinated in black spices then scorched on the grill to create an earthy & smoky dish. It’s lovely.

As with the other branches, you’ll be able to book for breakfast & lunch, but when it hits dinner time, you’ll need to line up outside like everyone else. For all you traditionalists out there…

…that’s your queue.


NOTE: Dishoom Battersea is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To book, and find out more, head to the website right here.

Dishoom Battersea | 42 Electric Boulevard, Nine Elms, SW11 8BJ

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Dishoom Battersea

42 Electric Boulevard, Battersea, South London, SW11 8BJ

020 7420 9327

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